ROAR salads

Microgreens and babyleaf salads, grown with nothing but, passion and a touch of compost. 

All produced in Exning, Suffolk.

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Introducing Roar Salads!


About my produce

Simply grown

My salads are grown using nothing but love, passion and a touch of peat-free compost. Once I've harvested the crop, the remainder is either composted to use again or feeds nearby chickens as a special treat for them. Nothing is wasted.

It'll make your tastebuds roar

My salads aren't just there to look pretty. As well as being nutrient-dense, microgreens also pack a serious punch when it comes to flavour. Everything is mini, except for the taste!

Doing something good

I've always been keen to make a positive impact, whatever I do. Therefore, 5% of all profits will go to to support Fareshare, who are a charity who are doing their best to tackle food waste and food poverty. 

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Bought one of my grow kits? Here's a video to help you get started

Behind the scenes on a harvest day at Roar Salads